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Fire protection and its tasks Fire protection plays a key role in the proper functioning of a society. However, not only on the social level, but also on individual communities and workplaces, fire protection has to be dealt with.

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The main tűzoltó ellen of fire protection are fire prevention, fire fighting and fire detection. The task of fire prevention is, of course, to prevent and prevent the spread of subsequent fires, and to provide the conditions and means for extinguishing fires. Thus, one of the most important tasks of fire protection is to prevent and prepare for future fires.

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During the preparation, the fire departments of the given facility must be kept in mind, as this is the basis for defending the defenses and choosing the fire extinguishers to be installed. Fire prevention legislation helps us organize prevention. Almost all fire tűzoltó ellen equipment you may need: fire extinguishers, powder extinguishers, hydrants, fire hoses, smoke alarms, etc.

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Extinguishing fires is about preventing the spread of fire, rescuing people at risk, and protecting material assets. Prevention matters a lot at this stage, as the quality of preparation has a major impact on the effectiveness of fire fighting.

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During the fire test, the time, place and cause of the fire are established. Its task is both to establish responsibility and to facilitate the protection against future fires and to gain experience. The fire investigation is carried out by professional and official bodies.

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